Ryan J. Davis is the Global Head of Social Commerce at NJOY.

Formerly he was Vice President of Community at Vocativ, Director of Social Media at Blue State Digital and a co-founder and digital director of The Four 2012. Ryan is most proud of his time spent on the internet team during Howard Dean’s 2004 Presidential Campaign.

Davis sits on the Board of Directors of The Ali Forney Center, where he was the founding producer of their annual Broadway Beauty Pageant fundraiser. Additionally, Ryan is on the Board of Directors of The Deconstructive Theatre Project, the Board of Advisors of the startup Public Stand and the Executive Board of LAMBDA Independent Democrats of Brooklyn.

Ryan has written about politics for The Huffington Post, The Hill and Next Magazine. He was once a guest editor of Queerty. For his progressive activism, Davis was awarded two Pollie Awards by The American Association of Political Consultants.

A former theatre creator and director, Ryan’s favorite projects include Veritas (Fringe 2010), Street Lights (NYMF 2009) and the eventually Whoopi Goldberg produced White Noise (NYMF 2006).

Ryan has lived in New York City since 2000 and is a proud resident of Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Here Ryan blogs about politics, film, TV, history, religion, science, books, theater, digital media, LGBT issues, Bushwick & Williamsburg, New York City, and anything else he's interested in at the moment. Oh, and he'll probably talk a lot about himself.

Ryan has keynoted at conferences and universities around the world on digital politics, social media strategy and LGBT rights. Email to discuss setting up a speaking engagement.

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A public official like Clinton did so much damage to gay lives, inflicted so much pain (he didn’t just sign DOMA but the HIV travel ban and DADT), and when he then portrays himself as a civil rights activist and gets applause from pathetic liberal gay groups (GLAAD, HRC, et al.), I figure if I don’t point out what a glaring bullshitter he is, who will? I wouldn’t care much if he weren’t still machinating his way back to power, and using the gay community as part of his and his wife’s second run at the presidency. But he is.

I liked everything about this conversation between Andrew Sullivan and Fareed Zakaria on the evolution of gay rights in the USA. I do, however, miss the LGBT left. It’s been MIA most of my adult life.

On a great panel at Netroots Nation 2013 on Thursday afternoon talking about marriage equality.

"After a string of more than 30 losses at the ballot, gay activists won four marriage-related ballot campaigns in 2012. These historic wins legalized the freedom to marry for same-sex couples in Maine, Maryland and Washington while defeating an anti-gay amendment in Minnesota. The victories are the result of a critical shift in messaging and strategy including a more sophisticated use digital and social media. This session will provide an inside look at how social media and digital organizing, along with a strong field game, helped transform marriage from a losing issue into a winning issue."

Full details here.


I was asked to record a short address on digital and marriage equality in Italy for The Associazione Radicale Certi Diritti Conference in Naples in April.

Excited that Italian activist are embracing marriage equality as a goal and expect to see big things in the next few years. 

Speaking with Michael Crawford about LGBT organizations and digital media at CampaignTech 2013 in Washington DC.

Get your tickets today.

Here’s me on Richard French Live talking about Bill Clinton & DOMA.

My speech on marriage equality and digital media at Social Media Week Milan.

Had an amazing time there and was happy to spread the word. 

Really excited to be presenting on The Four 2012 for Blue State Digital with Evan Moody & Richard Socarides at Social Media Week NYC!

RSVP now: http://bit.ly/Wx0tp7

Excited to keynote at Social Media Week Milan on February 18th. I’m speaking on the work we did with The Four 2012 and what strategies can help Italy pass marriage equality.

My latest post on the Blue State Digital blog on lessons learned from The Four 2012 and the four state marriage equality victories. Click here or the image for all four.

I wrote the below op-ed for my hometown newspaper, Salisbury, MD’s The Daily Times.

On Tuesday, Marylanders have an opportunity to make history by voting for Question 6 and passing marriage equality by popular vote for the first time in our nation’s history. Supporters of marriage equality have lost 32 ballot initiatives in a row, but 2012 is the year we capture the momentum and win victories in four states — Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington.

We’ve seen millions of dollars spent in sleazy, misleading ads by anti-equality groups looking to scare Marylanders about what marriage equality is and what Question 6 means. Don’t believe them, because it’s really as simple as equality, fairness and justice for all families.

Marriage equality shouldn’t be a political issue. If President Barack Obama and former Vice President Dick Cheney both support a cause, you know it defies conventional politics. You can vote for Question 6 whether you consider yourself a progressive or a tea partier — or if you’re entirely apolitical.

Marriage equality is not a religious issue. Nobody will ever tell your pastor whom he or she has to marry. As many as noted, this is about rights, not rites; things that happen in a courthouse, not a church. You can vote for marriage equality without fear of any changes to your place of worship.

When I came out of the closet in 10th grade at James M. Bennett High School, I was the only openly gay student in the school.

I know my 15-year-old self would be astonished at the progress made in the last decade, but we’re not there yet. There are more than a thousand legal protections that straight married couples have but gay committed couples do not have access to; that’s not fair. I know the Eastern Shore and its residents believe in fairness.

Gay people are your neighbors, your friends, your family and your colleagues. They deserve access to the same rights for their families as you have for yours.

Polls overwhelmingly show that young people support marriage equality — by huge margins. Maryland has an opportunity to stand on the right side of history.

I, for one, hope it does.

Ryan Davis was born and raised in Salisbury. He is a cofounder of TheFour.com and a contributor to Marylanders For Marriage Equality. He lives in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Great article on Buzzfeed about the brand new video that Lady Gaga just released for The Four 2012. You can just skip to the video here