Ryan J. Davis is the Global Head of Social Commerce at NJOY.

Formerly he was Vice President of Community at Vocativ, Director of Social Media at Blue State Digital and a co-founder and digital director of The Four 2012. Ryan is most proud of his time spent on the internet team during Howard Dean’s 2004 Presidential Campaign.

Davis sits on the Board of Directors of The Ali Forney Center, where he was the founding producer of their annual Broadway Beauty Pageant fundraiser. Additionally, Ryan is on the Board of Directors of The Deconstructive Theatre Project, the Board of Advisors of the startup Public Stand and the Executive Board of LAMBDA Independent Democrats of Brooklyn.

Ryan has written about politics for The Huffington Post, The Hill and Next Magazine. He was once a guest editor of Queerty. For his progressive activism, Davis was awarded two Pollie Awards by The American Association of Political Consultants.

A former theatre creator and director, Ryan’s favorite projects include Veritas (Fringe 2010), Street Lights (NYMF 2009) and the eventually Whoopi Goldberg produced White Noise (NYMF 2006).

Ryan has lived in New York City since 2000 and is a proud resident of Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Here Ryan blogs about politics, film, TV, history, religion, science, books, theater, digital media, LGBT issues, Bushwick & Williamsburg, New York City, and anything else he's interested in at the moment. Oh, and he'll probably talk a lot about himself.

Ryan has keynoted at conferences and universities around the world on digital politics, social media strategy and LGBT rights. Email to discuss setting up a speaking engagement.

Connect with him over social media using the icons below.

This is a personal blog. Any opinions expressed here and on my Twitter account represent my own and not those of my employer or clients.
Too funny.
Update: Zack Ford tells me this is photoshopped. It’s still really funny. 

Too funny.

Update: Zack Ford tells me this is photoshopped. It’s still really funny. 

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